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Friday, March 27, 2009

Leaving blog-- it soon and joining blogger

I joined "Blog-it". I really liked it. It got me writing. The problem is that we really cannot afford to pay the subscription each month. If that was the only "extra", then - no problem. My sister said I should check out blogger, because it is free. I know I would probably never get paid enough on blog it to even pay my subscription.

To the people I "met" on blog-it:

I "met" some very nice people on blog it and their comments encouraged me greatly. So, if you are from blog- it and I have given you my new blog address, I just want you to know how much I appreciated all your comments. I guess I won't be able to read your stuff anymore, but you can reach me through blogger now. I feel like I am abandoning new friends, but I just can't afford blogit, when I can do a free blog.

I've thought about pasting all the stuff from blog-it in here, and I might do it (and leave the dates) I guess that would be a good way to get started. But, I think I'll do it tomorrow.


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