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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cleaning offices with Clemy today

Today I went to work, to clean, at the doctor's offices. I had Tuesday - Friday off there. They had been closed for vacation. While they were closed construction has been going on, so today was clean up day!

I took Clemy with me, which was good. I had woke up with a really stiff neck and it hurt if I turned it. So, when I got there and saw the dust everywhere it was overwhelming. I'm so glad I had taped plastic garbage bags on the bottom of all the rooms. I didn't have to clean 5 of the rooms at all, but 2 of the larger rooms were a mess. It took us both a little under 3 hours. I think Clemy saved me an hour.

So, it was really nice to leave everything clean again. There will be more construction on Monday evening, but on the other side of the plastic that they taped in the hallway. I'm hoping it doesn't effect our offices. I should check them early Monday morning to make sure that no dust came on the other side of the plastic.

Since I got home I have been resting. I read a couple of blogs of family. One of my son's is a very good writer. He has a way with words and is good at descriptions. I did way too much journalism, and so my writing needs a little creativity I think.

I can't wait for summer. It was so nice last week. This week isn't too bad, but cold. It's sunny, but windy and cold. My basil plant froze yesterday morning, but the other ones I planted are OK.

Yesterday I finished another journal. I haven't been making very many lately, but then again I haven't been selling them either. I need to go buy some more leather so I can make some more this next week.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To my 2 readers (do I have more?)

Hi Jenny, You are probably the only one reading this. Oh yeah, Hi Gordon. Hope you all have a good day. It's supposed to get near 80 degrees F. this week. I can't wait!

I better finish my 5 journals today so I can list them on etsy. I just put the 5 left on sale 20% (the price reflects the 20% I just reduced everything to) But, if I were you out there (the 100's of people reading this) I would wait for the next 5 journals, as they will be better. If you like a mini-journal then you'll want to wait. These minis are only about 3 inches tall! Etsy is free to join, no strings attatched. You have to join to buy or sell. OK Jenny - don't feel obligated to buy anything from me. Aren't I horrible today?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Making journals

I have been working on making 5 journals, assembly line style. I started them 2 weeks ago, and finally got time to work on them yesterday. I hope to get some time today to work on them. 3 are mini journals, 2 small. They all have hard leather covers, the kind of leather you could tool if you knew how. I will list them on etsy when they are done.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A lie

I have been getting notices from the library for a DVD that I was sure I hadn't borrowed. I talked to them about it, and it would cost me $30 if I couldn't find it. They would not even allow me to buy a good used copy off the internet to save $.

After I got home, I looked everywhere for the DVD. I then called them to tell them once again that I was very sure that I did not rent it. As I was speaking, I saw it on my bookshelf, upsidedown, with the books instead of the DVD's. Instead of telling the librarian that I had found it, I said to her,

"It may show up, and if I find it, I will call you, thank you."

I can't believe I lied outright! I was so embarrassed that I did not want to admit I was wrong. My pride was hurt. After I told Levi what happened, he said that I should tell her. He said she would probably get a laugh out of it. I then reminded him how serious all the librarians were.

I'm not sure if I'll tell her, but I may, because it would be good for me to admit I was wrong.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Circus People

Circo Imperial

We lived in a village called 24 de Febrero, in Sonora, Mexico. It was springtime I think. We had brought down a pick-up camper down and it was set up in our yard. We used it for an extra bedroom, when we needed one. It was Petra's bedroom most of the time we lived there.

One day, a man came by wanting to buy our camper. He really wanted it, but I did not want to sell it. We always needed to use it, because we had people living with us a lot. When he left, he said to let him know if I changed my mind, then he handed me some free tickets to the Circus he was in.

We did not go to the Circus, but we went down where they were camped to meet them. We were welcomed with open arms and invited into one of their trailers to visit. The family that invited us had been in the circus for 3 generations. They did not really want to do it anymore, especially the wife, but they said they had no where else to go. The husband had been "blinded by an "accident". Now his job was to announce through his loud speaker to all the surrounding villages. He had a beautiful voice and we heard many of his songs.

We were invited to come to the next village for a meal. We ended up going and met a lot of the people who worked at the circus. Circo Imperial had an old circus tent, old trailers and old vehicles. The women set up camp and some had washing machines. They "borrowed" the electricity at each village straight from the power line. I wonder if any of them ever got electrocuted. They had no outhouses, only the bushes. They have to move camp to a new location every 5 days, 7 days a week. I cannot even imagine how hard that must be. They teach their own children and all of them could read, except one boy we met. I think he had a learning disability.

One girl I met was about 19. She had run away from home and joined the circus a few years before. She had a boyfriend in the circus and hoped they would marry someday.

The circus consisted of 1 pony, 1 monkey and I think they had an anteater. They had dancing and did some tricks.

They kept asking why we didn't go to their show and my husband said because the woman didn't have clothing on in the dancing. He meant not very much. So, one lady said, oh we have clothes on, let me show you pictures. She showed us the pictures and they had clothes, but not very much. We had a lot of boys and didn't want to put them in front of that.

Even though we didn't go to their show, we became friends and for 2 or 3 other years they would stop by and see us when they came to our village. One time, Petra (our daughter) had all the circus children come to our house and she made play dough with them. She really has a heart for children. Another time, one family showed up and stayed for a couple of hours and played his guitar and sang gospel songs.

Since, we have moved to a village farther away from the freeway, so we have not seen them as much. We would watch the villages by the freeway for "Circo Imperial" each time we drove either North or South, but haven't seen them. I wonder if their circus finally shut down.

I used to know many of their names, but it's been so long since I've seen them I feel bad I can't remember anymore.

I painted a picture of one of their trailers and table outside. I think it's in Mexico in a box somewhere.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello to everyone.

Hello there everyone. I usually only have 5 minutes to write at a time, so that's why I haven't been writing anything at all. I need to go clean my bedroom. It looks like a tornado hit it. I only have a short time before Greg will be back, so I better go get it clean now.
All 4 children walked to the library. That is one advantage to living in town - the library and how close it is from our house.
Greg has been working a lot, today on hauling some stuff for people and going to the dump.
Bye, until later.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Costume Party

I only have a minute. I am taking Susannah and Clemy to a famous person's costume party. Susannah will be "Susan" from "Prince Caspian". Clemy will be "Nim" from "Nim's Island". They both have similarities to the person they picked.

It is sunny today, but still cold. The sun helps though. I have been a little depressed the last few days. I worked a lot last week, cleaning offices and painting a bathroom. Probably staying up late 3 nights in a row and being around the paint. I had a really bad headache one day.

I do hope I can figure out how to let my friends and family know I am here.

Bye for now.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hello to everyone.

I'm still blogging on blog-it. I really like it, because I know someone is reading it. I was going to cancel April 8th, as I joined March 9th. It looks like they go from the 1st to the 1st, so I guess I'll have to pay for 1 more month.

I joined this one, because my sister said it was good and free. Also, Gordon does it. I started one on Tumblr, but didn't like it that well, because I'm computer iliterate.

Greg smashed his finger the other day and had 6 stitches.
I am working cleaning offices 5 days a week 1-2 hours a day.
I have a one-time painting job, painting the Theater bathrooms.

It is sunny at this moment. I can't wait for it to warm up.
Talk to you later.


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