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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cleaning offices with Clemy today

Today I went to work, to clean, at the doctor's offices. I had Tuesday - Friday off there. They had been closed for vacation. While they were closed construction has been going on, so today was clean up day!

I took Clemy with me, which was good. I had woke up with a really stiff neck and it hurt if I turned it. So, when I got there and saw the dust everywhere it was overwhelming. I'm so glad I had taped plastic garbage bags on the bottom of all the rooms. I didn't have to clean 5 of the rooms at all, but 2 of the larger rooms were a mess. It took us both a little under 3 hours. I think Clemy saved me an hour.

So, it was really nice to leave everything clean again. There will be more construction on Monday evening, but on the other side of the plastic that they taped in the hallway. I'm hoping it doesn't effect our offices. I should check them early Monday morning to make sure that no dust came on the other side of the plastic.

Since I got home I have been resting. I read a couple of blogs of family. One of my son's is a very good writer. He has a way with words and is good at descriptions. I did way too much journalism, and so my writing needs a little creativity I think.

I can't wait for summer. It was so nice last week. This week isn't too bad, but cold. It's sunny, but windy and cold. My basil plant froze yesterday morning, but the other ones I planted are OK.

Yesterday I finished another journal. I haven't been making very many lately, but then again I haven't been selling them either. I need to go buy some more leather so I can make some more this next week.

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