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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A lie

I have been getting notices from the library for a DVD that I was sure I hadn't borrowed. I talked to them about it, and it would cost me $30 if I couldn't find it. They would not even allow me to buy a good used copy off the internet to save $.

After I got home, I looked everywhere for the DVD. I then called them to tell them once again that I was very sure that I did not rent it. As I was speaking, I saw it on my bookshelf, upsidedown, with the books instead of the DVD's. Instead of telling the librarian that I had found it, I said to her,

"It may show up, and if I find it, I will call you, thank you."

I can't believe I lied outright! I was so embarrassed that I did not want to admit I was wrong. My pride was hurt. After I told Levi what happened, he said that I should tell her. He said she would probably get a laugh out of it. I then reminded him how serious all the librarians were.

I'm not sure if I'll tell her, but I may, because it would be good for me to admit I was wrong.

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  1. Oh I hate it when that happens, it slips out before you had a chance to even mean it. I think admitting here is a good thing. Remember you don't need her forgiveness.


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