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Thursday, April 16, 2009

To my 2 readers (do I have more?)

Hi Jenny, You are probably the only one reading this. Oh yeah, Hi Gordon. Hope you all have a good day. It's supposed to get near 80 degrees F. this week. I can't wait!

I better finish my 5 journals today so I can list them on etsy. I just put the 5 left on sale 20% (the price reflects the 20% I just reduced everything to) But, if I were you out there (the 100's of people reading this) I would wait for the next 5 journals, as they will be better. If you like a mini-journal then you'll want to wait. These minis are only about 3 inches tall! Etsy is free to join, no strings attatched. You have to join to buy or sell. OK Jenny - don't feel obligated to buy anything from me. Aren't I horrible today?

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  1. If I could think of anything I could make in a large quantity this summer I might get an Etsy. Or maybe I'll just set up a PayPal store right on my blog. I like how you are using blogger now because I'm on here so much its easy for me to read and comment on your posts. I liked the story about the circus people.


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