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Monday, June 22, 2009

Day at the "Tinker" Camp

It's 11 pm here and I need to get to bed in a minute (or 2).

I slept well. Most of my day was spent sorting through our "stuff" we have stored in a horse trailer and some things in the 2 trailers we have stayed in. It probably was 100 degrees while I was working. I take the heat pretty well if I drink enough water. I still need to finish sorting tomorrow. I found a lot of "stuff" I threw away. Tomorrow I am taking about 3 boxes and a large garbage bag to the thrift store. I also will be taking 1 large suitcase full of clothes to Mexico to give away. We have more, but it's all winter clothes and I don't think they really need that right now.

I was able to get 3 loads of laundry done and hung on the clothes line. There is a washer set up by the trailers in a little shed and a nice clothes line. The skate ramp my boys used to skate on has deteriorated and needs to be restored. It is made from plywood, not cement like the one in Mexico.

Susannah doesn't feel good today. She is getting a cold I think.

In the afternoon I took my 4th son shopping. He was able to find a couple of pairs of pants and a shirt at Wal.mart and Ross. I found some very nice Teva sandles that I really like for 40% off. They should last for years, not months like the cheap ones I usually buy.

We ate supper at McDonalds'. No one was very hungry today, probably because of the heat. It's about 90 here I think. For Tucson that is pretty cool for June.

Greg called and seems to be doing OK. I think he is still working too hard. I hope after his construction job is done he can rest a little.

Hopefully the passports will be here tomorrow at 4:00 like they are supposed to be. We plan on leaving Wednesday early. If I don't leave early, we won't make it at a decent hour. I probably will drive to our house and then drive to Los Mochis on Saturday to pick Petra up. My 4th son is not coming down, so I could use an extra prayer. I am not afraid, as I think most of the problems are with those involved in the drug war. If I stay out of their way and mind my own business I should be OK.

I have to stop at K28 or K25 (I can't remember the exact #) to get our Visas and a Visa for the mini-van. Hopefully we will get a green light so I don't have to unpack the car.

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