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Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Trip

I am still alive and well...

It's really late, but I took a 3 hour nap. I haven't had a chance to use internet since Friday when I was visiting my 2 new blog-it friends. Here is an overview since then:

Friday - I wrote this at 1 am (Utah time)

In the morning we had french toast with my sister and brother-in-law. I took a coffee for the road. We drove 1 hour and found Sam444's place. She has a really nice apartment, I think it's a duplex. She made us a wonderful lunch and surprised me by having Yellowrose55 there to meet me too! We had a nice visit discussing blog-it news for awhile.

When we left, I had planned on staying near Ogden at a nice campground we'd stayed at before. It was cloudy most of the day and sprinkled a little. When we were nearing the campground it was still early, so we decided to keep going.

We stopped in Salt Lake City at the largest Wal.mart I have ever seen. It was enormous! I bought food for breakfast, coffee on sale, and ice. We ate supper at Taco Bell.

After it got dark, we stopped at a State park near Provo, but it was full. So was the KOA there. The motels were full there also. We drove farther, and after maybe an hour saw a sign that said "Drowsy drivers exit here". My 4th son wanted to exit to see what was there. We did exit, but nothing was there at all. Then he wanted to see what was on the other side of the freeway. Just a 2 lane highway. We drove until we found a place to turn around. Then I saw a dirt road that ran along side the railroad tracks. We drove down that road and found a nice little place to camp.

I really didn't want to spend $70 on a motel and it's really nice here. I am glad that no snakes can get in my tent. It looks like there could be some in the bushes.

We set up the tent. The girls and I slept in the tent and my 4th son in the mini-van.

Saturday - 1:30 am

In the middle of the night it started sprinkling. My son woke up and helped put the rain fly on the tent. Then I went back to sleep until 7:30 a.m., Utah time, when the train went by. The girls slept soundly through the noise.

I walked around and took some nature photos. It began raining a little more, so I woke everyone up. We took the tent down and packed the car. I had wanted to try out my little camp stove, but it was too windy.

We drove to a store nearby and I got hot water to make my coffee. We ate our fruit and cereal in the car and then left to start another day. We drove all day. We were going to stay at a campground near Bryce Canyon. That is where my husband and I had part of our honeymoon. It is a very cool place. As it was very early in the day, we decided to just hike around and see the sights, then drive farther. We didn't even go to Bryce C., but some other canyons 15 miles before it. They had the same type of rock formations. We climbed up a steep hill with loose rocks where there was an arch made out of rock.

It was really strange driving all day, as it felt like we were "going home". We had always driven this route and going towards Tucson was "home". Now it is the reverse. I had mixed feelings all day driving here again.

We left tthe canyon and made it to Flagstaff, Arizona. It was still cloudy and it looked like it could rain still. We checked out a KOA and then I did check out a motel. I probably would have stayed there, but even though it was clean it smelt funny. After talking to my son, we decided to drive until we got to our friends who live near Tucson. I was pretty tired, so bought a coffee. It was pretty bad coffee, but kept me awake until we got past Phoenix, when my 4th son drove.

He did very well driving, handling the van well, even when a motor home cut in front of us, going around a semi-truck.

I pulled into the gypsy or "tinker" camp, as Greg preferred to call it around midnight, Arizona time. (The time changed on us again, but back and hour) We thought we were going to stay in the trailers, but we stayed in their guest room.

We showed up at our friends' around midnight, Arizona time. Arizona does not do "daylight savings time", so the clock went back an hour.

Sunday - today -

I was planning to go to Mexico on Monday or Tuesday. But.... I totally forgot all about our passports. The most important thing to bring, and I forgot them! Greg will be mailing them tomorrow - overnight express and they will get here Tuesday, so we leave Wednesday for Mexico.

My 4th son, decided to ride a bus or train to San Antonio, Texas where my son David lives with his beautiful wife.

I called Greg to tell him Happy Fathers' Day and see if he got the card and dark chocolate bar by the bed.

We went to a "home meeting" with our friends. They meet with one other family for worship and reading the Bible together and fellowship. Both families go to other churches off and on also. The meeting was so........Refreshing........... 2 guitars, music from the heart. I love to hear our friend Paco pray. He is talking to his very good friend, The Lord, and with a love flowing out of his heart toward Him. Listening to him pray causes my heart to want to know our wonderful, amazing God better.

They continued where they had been reading at in Genesis. It was a very interesting passage about when Abram took his servant/soldiers to rescue Lot and others. They had been taken captive. After they won the battle, Melchizedek and the King of Sodom came to them. Melchizedek was a mysterious King, who brought bread and wine with him. He blessed Abram and encouraged him. In the New Testament it says that Jesus was a King forever, after the order of Melchizedek. Interesting...

Melchizedek blessed Abram, "Blessed be Abram of the most high God the possessor of heaven and earth."

After the meeting, we visited and then I took a 3 hour nap.

Some friends came over for a barbecue. They brought steaks and we had salads. Both families have a lot of children, so it was a blast for all of them. After awhile one of the girls got thrown in the swimming pool. After that they all swam for a long time.

It is late. My plans for the next few days are: 1. rest 2. shop 3. go through our "stuff" we have here, hopefully taking some of the clothes to Mexico to give away.


  1. What wonderful photos! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Just came by to look at your photos; they are fantastic.

  3. Your photos are great Aunt Marianne. I'm glad you are having a nice trip. That is so "Blanchet" of you to forget your passports, thank goodness for Express Mail! I love you and have been thinking and praying for you guys. Need to catch up on more of your posts still! But I wanted to leave you a comment...Much Love to you!


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