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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tomorrow I leave for Mexico

I had 2 hours of rest today, making earrings and bracelets with my friend. She taught me how. It wasn't that hard. Finally I attacked the trailer and didn't quite get it done by dark. I can finish it up when I get back from Texas.

Tomorrow I leave for Mexico. I wanted to leave at 6:00, but I am going to sleep till I wake up. I might turn off my phone so I don't get a call at 6:00.

I knew this trip was not going to be all vacation. Hopefully I will not get overwhelmed in Mexico and can relax a bit. It is going to be difficult staying in our house without all the family there. But I still am looking forward to it, and hope I can deal with the things I need to quickly and not try to do more than I should.

I don't know when I will be able to do internet again. There is an internet cafe' fairly close, so maybe I can take a break from work and slip off there for awhile. I probably won't be able to post any photos until I get back from Mexico.

It will only be me and the girls driving down, so we are taking several boxes for our friend to give to her friends down there. I am taking a large suitcase of clothing to give away.

Well, I need to take a shower and get some sleep. Please keep me in your prayers and I will update my blog when I am able. Goodnight and the Lord bless your sleep!

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