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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Six Flags

Sat 7/11/2009 9:50 AM

I'm at Starbucks, using their wireless. My son's internet is slow.

Six Flags was great. We got there about 10 and left at about 9:30. I went on a roller coaster first, because I knew I would change my mind if I just didn't do it. It was scary and I screamed all the way, but I'm still alive. My daughter-in-law thought I would really like the second roller coaster. I was in line, but when I saw that it went upside down, I changed my mind and didn't go on it. My daughter told me later it was the scariest one and Clemy said it felt like she was going off a cliff. I'm glad I didn't go.

Most of the other ones I went on were water slides, or raft rides, almost like a roller coaster. My favorite was the Lazy River ride, about 3 feet deep with water that moved and you just sit in an inner tube and go around in the "river" and under some small waterfalls. But, that's probably where I got my sunburn. We all put sunscreen on more than once, but most of us got some kind of sunburn. Mine isn't too bad. I don't want to know how bad it would have been if I hadn't had any sunscreen on.

The last thing was a laser show on the side of a cliff and fireworks. I found out why Texans are so proud of Texas. The laser show was all about Texas history and my daughter-in-law said that in school they get a lot of Texas history and how great Texas is. The first time I was in Texas I saw the Texas pride. I can understand it better now. It's hard to be proud of Oregon when they are one of the only states that have passed assisted suicide laws and others... Oregon is a beautiful state, but I don't agree with a lot of things the government does. They seem to have a law for everything and it's getting hard to breath there... getting smothered by all the laws.

I wished Greg was here for the water rides. He would have liked them.

Today is a rest day and tomorrow. We plan on leaving Texas Monday early. I want to go half way and rest more, but everyone is pushing me to drive the whole way. I do have my daughter to help drive, but I can't sleep in the car well. I am not sure what I'm going to do yet. It's supposed to be a 12 hour drive, but it took us 15 hours. We did stop a few times, but I need to.

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