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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work, Meeting new friends and weekend plans

Now I'm cleaning the offices in the morning. We can only clean when there's another office person there, which is a bummer. But, we need to adjust and working in the morning is better now. I talked to my friend and it doesn't matter if we are bonded, it won't change the agencies' rules. So, when you can't change something you have to accept it.

Today Petra and Levi came in to help. We got it all done in 1 hour. I found a blind in a new exam room that was so dusty I could hardly believe it. I cleaned it (as far as I could reach), but all the blinds need done when I get a ladder.

It is nice getting off at 8:30 and not having to go in the evening, so maybe I'll get used to the new routine.

Our family will be going to the coast this weekend. The doctors' offices are closed Thursday and Friday, and I talked to the other office we clean and the boss said we could come in on Thursday instead of Friday. Then I'll need to check the trash cans on Tuesday as well.

I am looking forward to doing something together with the family, but all the driving just doesn't sound too fun right now. I'm glad I'm not a truck driver.

Yesterday We went bowling. It was dollar night. We took our 4, the Hawkins' 3 and 1 other girl. We all had fun. First I played pool with Greg. I can shoot with my right or left hand, so that is nice, but I still lost. Susannah had started a bowling game and had to leave to go to gymnastics, so I took over her game. I got a strike the first ball, but after that I didn't do so well. My score was 91.

We met an interesting couple there, with 2 children. The lady was in a wheelchair. The man spoke English with an Italian accent. They were from Italy. He also spoke German. He and Greg visited a lot. After awhile I came over and visited. I didn't want to interrupt their family time, but they seemed happy to visit with us. Our little friend who came with us, Nikkola, speaks German, so he spoke to her in German some. She is shy and didn't say much. Her mom is my good friend and from Germany. She married a family friend, so now we are almost like family.

Greg is getting a "tree job" across the street. At first he was going to do it by himself, but then decided to get a hold of a man he's worked for who has a tree service company and so they will work together.

I think Greg might take all the kids rafting in the river today. I'm not sure I will go, but maybe. The river isn't very swift, but I'm not sure how clean it is.

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