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Monday, July 06, 2009

We're in Texas!

I am at my son, David's and daughter-in-law's. We arrived at midnight last night (Friday night) (Texas time). The drive was pretty boring, and took 15 hours actual driving time. I ended up driving the whole way because the 2 other drivers stayed up till midnight the night before and by the time I would have needed them to drive they were tired. But I was fine and we are here!
Petra, the younger girls and Zee are going grocery shopping. I tried to get internet on my computer, as they have a low signal, but it wouldn't work, so I ended up using their laptop. I tried to transfer what I wrote on my USB card, but it wouldn't work. Oh well.

This week I plan on resting a lot and enjoying my time here. The girls want to go to Six Flags, an amusement Park. "Bob" has a bad sunburn on his feet due to his fishing adventure last weekend. By the time we go, he'll be better.

David and Zyanya bought a fixer-upper here in San Antonio. David is a skilled carpenter and handy man, so their house is looking really nice. Today he and "Bob" are working at his other job, building a deck for someone.

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