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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Summer Heat

We did go to the coast and had a nice time. It was 60 degrees there! I am so tired of driving though. I got to visit good friends and walk on the beach.

Greg, Levi, Gideon and Petra stayed a week longer, as Greg had some work lined up.

It has been so hot here, but I guess it is almost everywhere right now. The girls and I went swimming one day with our friends. That was so refreshing.

Tomorrow looks like might be another swim day in the afternoon. A good time to get out of the house.

Not much else to say.


  1. We are going to the family reunion. I'm glad you were able to take a break from the heat and cool off at the beach. I am behind on reading blogs but wanted to tell you we will for sure be there this weekend, we have Friday off work, so hope to get there kind of early, but we might stop in Pendleton to swim if we are too hot in the car!

    I'll call you if we do, otherwise see you up there!

  2. Hope to see you at the reunion: Red Bridge campground, about 8 miles beyond Hilgard. (It's on the web, just google). LOVE you


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