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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A few days worth of journal

Mon 9/14/2009 8:52 PM

Do You Hide Your House or Car Keys?
I am quite tired and I only have a few minutes to write. I watched some friends' kids today, took our boys and one of theirs to the skate park, went shopping...

I drove out to the ranch this afternoon to get some canning jars and my canner that has been in storage. After I had driven a mile down the road, Clemy popped her head up. I didn't know she had wanted to come. Susannah stayed home with the boys, as they had to usher again tonight. It was Susannah's idea. It reminded me of the time our dog "Sarah" came to church with us. We had gotten half way to town when she popped her head up. It was almost as if she was saying, "I wanted to go too!" At that time we were meeting in a home fellowship, so that day our dog came too!

Anyway, I got my canning jars and then we ended up eating supper with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. After visiting awhile I drove back into town, giving my nephew a ride to his apartment.

When Clemy and I got home, the "hidden" house key had been moved and I couldn't find it. So, we tried to get in the window, but the stupid storm windows kept falling shut on me. Finally, we went through a bedroom window, climbing up the fire escape stairs.

I was talking with my nephew on the way to town about how many people had a hide-a-key under their car or a "hidden" key under a rock or the mat of their house. We lost a key in Mexico that way. Some things had gotten stolen from the rental house, and the "hidden" key was missing. I thought I knew who did it, so I told her about how someone had broken into our house to see if she reacted. That happened another time in Mexico, when a cinch for a saddle had gotten stolen out of our horse trailer. I suspected one boy, so when I saw him, I asked him if he could keep a look out for it. He told me he would. I found out later from the neighbor boy, that he indeed had stolen it, but couldn't get it back because he had sold it for $5.

Tue 9/15/2009 10:47 AM

Trivia of the Day
I got to work a little late. On those days I have to work smarter, so I get everything done before the office workers come in. When they get there, I can clean the other 3 offices.

Now I'm home. My stomach has been feeling sick. I'm wondering if I still have the flu bug or if it's something else. I need to get going on the canning. I have 1 box of peaches to do, which really isn't very many. Susannah suggested just eating them, which might not be a bad idea. I'll see how many are left after I freeze a bag or 2.

We are all going to meet Greg for lunch at a park, near where he is working. The weather has been nice. Yesterday it was about 80 degrees I think. I am watching the Cook's 3 kids until Randy off work. They may stay later if everyone is getting along well. Yesterday they had a lot of fun. The boys are making a tree house and the girls played under it for along time, sweeping and making a pretend kitchen... In Mexico we had a tree house and that was Clemy's favorite place to play. She misses it a lot I know.

If I work in the morning tomorrow, then I'll get Monday off again. My friend who works at the doctors' offices is going to come in so I can clean. I like Mondays off. (There are 3 offices I can only clean when someone is there because of the patients' files)

It might be getting crazy in our town, as the Rodeo starts Wednesday. The last time I went to any of the Rodeo or town events was when I was 23 and worked for the Newspaper. I worked in the darkroom, and they used me as an extra photographer, until the main guy came. It was a great job. I really miss working in the darkroom, but with digital photography, it will only happen again if I do it as a hobby.

Wed 9/16/2009 10:07 PM

Memories triggered
It's late, so I can't write much. My stomach felt bad in the morning. My family prayed for me and I noticed a couple of hours later it felt good. I also had taken same parasite medicine last night, so I guess the combination was good (prayer and medicine).

Greg worked all day doing construction. Today the boys worked with him. When he got off, we walked downtown to all the sights, sounds, and smells on main street. It was busy, with booths cooking Thai food, Chinese food, BBQ, hot dogs, caramel corn,... Booths that sold western wear, western purses, jewelry, Musicians with sound system. Musicians with only a guitar and a hat for donations. There was one musician that was singing Creedence Clearwater Revival music. It sounded original. It made me wonder if he was part of the band he was so good, but I knew he wasn't.

There was a booth with gospel tracts asking the 2 question test, "If you died do you know you would go to heaven?"

The second question was, "If yes, why?"

My 4th son wrote something on his blog the other day about how the sense of smell can trigger memories like no other sense. It worked quite well with me, remembering all the times I had gone to the Fair, carnival and the people I had been with. I also think music triggers memories as well.

Thu 9/17/2009 7:32 PM

I got carried away on Greg's haircut!
A "full" day again. In the morning I had a headache. It was because I only drank 1/4 cup of coffee yesterday, so I guess I'm addicted. After I got over it me and the girls canned peaches and nectarines. I should have bought 2 boxes of peaches and no nectarines. The nectarines started going bad faster and some didn't even ripen. The girls helped me peel the peelings off after I had put them in hot water. I haven't canned for 10 years, but it all came back to me. I used 1 Tablespoon or so of honey in each jar instead of making a sugar syrup. After it was all finished, we had 10 quart jars of peaches and nectarines. We aren't going to eat them until winter!

Gideon made whole wheat french bread today. I should have helped him a little more, as there were a couple of things he could have done to make it better. But, it's still quite good. Making bread takes practice.

In the afternoon, our family walked around on main street to see the sights. I took a lot of photos for fun with my camera phone. I can't find our other camera, but it's around somewhere.

The 3 older children are ushering again. I suggested to them to say "sir" and "ma'am" to show respect and also they may get more tips. I don't know if they'll take me up on the suggestion or not.

Tomorrow is my housecleaning day. I only have 2 houses, but I am quite tired in the evening, so end up doing the 2 office jobs on Saturday with the family. If I ever have to do them on Friday I can, but I usually don't want to. I will have another housecleaning job soon, for the doctor where I clean the offices. She and her husband don't have time to clean their house. I've cleaned for them once. They live out of town and their home is very cool. It's very lived-in, but has rock floors and a "greenhouse" room that is between another room. It will probably be once a week. Another good thing about that job is that I'll be able to take the girls with me and they can do their school work while I'm cleaning. The boys could come also if they wanted to.

The weather is about perfect right now. It's between 80-90 in the day and cools down at night. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. The area in Mexico, where we were has perfect weather from November to April. After that it gets hot. I will miss it again this winter.

My food co-op order came in yesterday. I got pinto beans, rice, licorice tea, chamomile tea, Pau de Arco bark, Slippery elm, black walnut hull tincture, rice milk and pearl barley.

Before we went to the main street events, I cut Greg's hair. It was getting pretty long and he at least needed a trim. The haircut started out great. It would have been the best I'd ever done. But... I got OCD about it and tried to make it perfect. So, he got the shortest haircut he's had in years. I felt really bad. He wore his hat tonight. Susannah said that it would probably grow out before Judah's wedding. I hope so.

To end a fruitful day I got a call from my daughter in Mexico. She was sick yesterday, but today is much better. I am so thankful that I was able to have a heart to heart with her.

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