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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"There's an animal on the stairs!"

I wrote this post on September 10th, so I'm a bit behind. I will try to get caught up soon!

Today was another busy day, but mostly I was doing things I wanted. I sorted all the books and stuff I brought back from Tucson/Mexico finally. We only have 1 small bookshelf in our bedroom, so I removed all the books that I won't want to read for awhile and replaced them with new and exciting material. There isn't any more room on the shelf. All the other books will have to go in boxes for now.

We live in this funny, old, crooked house. It has a lot of little rooms. Downstairs there is a room by the furnace room that we are using for storage. But in the furnace room is a small space I might make into an office. I would need to clean it up and put some good lighting in there. Maybe I can use it for a writing/art studio. It is very small, but I like small and it would be fun to have a space there. The only problem is that it will get really cold in the winter, unless we do some improvements.

The 3 older children at home are getting jobs ushering for the big "Round-up" that starts in a little over a week. It is the biggest deal in this town. It is one of the largest rodeos in the USA and Canada. Most of the fast food businesses and restaurants raise their prices for that week. If I had it together more, I would think of some little business to make extra money. I have thought about it, but decided that I just don't want to.

Many of the locals leave town or just stay at home. I haven't lived here since I was young, so I don't know if it's as busy as it was then. If so, then it will be crazy for awhile.

There's going to be a church meeting in the park with about 5 churches participating. There will be an "all you can eat" breakfast in a park one day. I figured that our family could buy a lot of food for the $49 it would cost all of us to go, so I think we'll stay home. Anyway I can make good biscuits and gravy if Greg wants some.

I don't have to get up early tomorrow, but I might still. Tomorrow will be an exceedingly busy day if I choose to clean the insurance office and bank in the evening. The good part is that I can do it on Saturday if I'm too tired.

The coolest thing that happened tonight was that when I was going out the downstairs back door, a little opossum was peering at me from under our picnic table. I took a picture with my phone camera. I was afraid to get too close for fear that it might attack me or something. It was probably a baby though. Later on, after it had gotten dark, Clementina was walking down the stairs and ran up saying, "There's an animal on the stairs!" By the time I went out there, it was gone again.

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