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Saturday, September 12, 2009

We left for our trip to a Christian festival on Friday and just got back last night. We arrived at the park, Friday night and pitched our tent in the same location as last year. It was in the far corner of the park, near the river. During the 3 days we attended, there was music under the large tent and speakers in the evening. They served 2 meals and the rest we were on our own. There also were some missionary speakers on Saturday afternoon.

I woke Sunday morning feeling a little sick in my stomach. It lasted pretty much all day, then on Monday too. I think it was a bug I picked up from my sister a few days before. Thankfully it was not too bad. (most of the time)

One of the themes during the festival was to be connected to Jesus the way that He was connected to His father. Also, another theme I remember was to listen to what God says to me and then do it. One of the speakers was an ordinary guy, 68 years old. He had recently been to Africa and told about his friend who traveled with him to different villages. One of the stories was about how they were going to a village because his friend Pee Wee, (his nick name), said God had told him to go to a certain village. The older Canadian man started doubting because the car wasn't running well, it was hot... and everything seemed to be going wrong. The African, said to "Wayne", you wait and see, because I know God spoke to me about going there." Finally after they got there, they shared the gospel and everyone in the village believed. The village wanted them to come back in a few days, which they did.

Wayne also shared about another African man that was healed from some stomach ulcer that had hurt him for 3 years. Wayne videoed it, and the man kept rubbing his stomach and saying, "It doesn't hurt any more."

On Friday and Saturday night it rained very hard and the wind blew. I was so happy that our tent did not leak very much. It only leaked on the edges and a towel took care of that. Our children stayed with friends or under the big tent so they stayed dry too.

A lot of people did get wet though, but everyone seemed to be happy and deal with it in a good way.

Judah, (son #3) and his fiance' were there. Son # 4 was there also. I was able to talk to my "adopted" Mexican son's (old) girlfriend, and found out her side of the story. It sure makes a difference to hear both sides. I cannot give him any hope for their relationship. Now I need wisdom to share this with him in the right way.

My eldest daughter is gone now, :( and I am going to miss her a lot, but I know she is in a good place.

My 4th son bought a car, an old Datsun. It looks like a little sports car. He has his license now, but has to save money for the insurance and to fix a few things on it. When we stopped by the house he lives in, I picked all the ripe tomatoes as they were not being harvested. He said to pick them all. His garden is much better than ours. It is probably the soil.

Our family stayed at some friends' on Monday night. They made a really nice dinner for us. I picked green beans and we also had corn from their garden. Unfortunately by evening I wasn't feeling good again. I started getting a migraine and my stomach was upset again. By Tuesday morning I was OK. We

On our drive back to our desert(ed) town, we stopped in another town and the boys went to the skate park. I called a friend that I haven't seen for 5 years who lives there. We exchanged e-mails and want to get back in touch. In the next town we all bought shoes on sale at big 5. That was good, because where we live there is only Wal.mart and JC Penny's for shoes, not really a good choice. We can drive 1 hour away for shoes, but it was nice to get them on the way home.

It is hard for me to write about a lot of things when I miss a few days. Hopefully I will be able to write every day now.

I went grocery shopping today, and am going to make a meal plan. I am also doing inventory so I will remember what I have on hand. I just found out how to order from a food co-op, and will order on Monday. They are called Azure Standard and deliver in many places in the US now. They have health food and whole grains, herbs.... at good prices.

Well, I am back in the home routine. I went to bed by 9:30 and got up at 6:00 (or so). I want to try to shoot for 9:00 bedtime, even though it will probably be more like 10:00.

Greg just started a construction job working for a friend. That job is supposed to last 3 months.

Levi is making a bunk bed for his sisters'.

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  1. It sounds like life is good on your side of the earth. We have more tomatoes now. They keep on growing.


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