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Monday, November 30, 2009

Rest and Work

I need to get to bed soon, but I want to write a little first.  Today went well. In the morning  I went to church with Susannah. I really enjoyed being in the worship service. There was special prayer for anyone who wanted to come up to the front. A lot of people did, including me.

The message was basically on how to stay out of debt during the Christmas season. It was pretty practical ways to save money. A lot of people spent way too much for Christmas. It really shouldn't be stressful. I see how stressed out some people get. We did not celebrate Christmas for many years for various reasons. The last few years we have been and I enjoy it. I think it can be used for good, enjoying family and enjoying giving, remembering Christs' birth...

And now... to talk about work again... (It seems that's all I talk about lately).  I did have to clean today. I decided yesterday I would rather do it today. Because a lot of offices were supposedly closed, I thought it would take an hour just to check the rooms and clean the windows.  But, it turned out that most of the rooms had been used. The rooms I cleaned Wednesday were still pretty good, but a conference room that was said to be "clean" needed vacuumed bad.

All in all, I got it done in 3 hours. I am keeping track of my time to see how long each room takes.
The only problems I had this time was that key 108 was also supposed to unlock room 109, which it didn't. The caretaker showed me where the extra keys were.  It seemed that Cindy, the other janitor,  opened it with that key, but it didn't work for me. 

My son and daughter-in-law and grandson came home today. Esther made hash browns and eggs for supper, which I really like. My grandson "washed dishes" for a long time. He loves playing in the water.
Susannah, my 13 year old was able to go ice skating today. She ended up staying with a friend all day, skating and later visiting. It helped me out, as I worked and I don't like to leave her home by herself at night.
It is going to be cold tonight I can tell. Tomorrow I'd better get my snow tires on!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's been happening lately

I haven't written here for awhile. The last time I wrote I was looking forward to Judah's wedding. Now he is married. It was a beautiful wedding.

I also was starting to try to write a novel in a month. I only have a few days left, and I only made it to 11,100 words so far. I only will have Sunday and Monday to write. This has been an exceptionally busy month. I've had extra work; a new job that started last Monday. It's cleaning a very large building that used to be the Junior High I went to school at!

Greg , Levi, Gideon and Clemy are in Mexico helping remodel at the deaf school in Mexico. They are building walls, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms in an already existing structure. Greg took a team down, consisting of 12 people in all, including our family. Susannah stayed home with me. Our oldest son, daughter-in-law and grandson are living with us right now, and left for a week for Thanksgiving.

I will include a photo that has nothing to do with anything, except that I took it and like it.


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