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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Never Be The Same - song lyrics

(words and music: Mike Troxel)
Twelve men on a raging sea
Fear gripping in their hearts
Afraid that God He would not hear their prayer
Fearing that they would die
All along laying right beside
Was the answer to their call
They would never be the same again
They would never be the same again
One woman against an angry crowd
Enduring judgment and shame
Afraid that God He would not hear her at all
And she'd be condemned to die
All along standing right beside
Was the answer to her call
She would never be the same again
She would never be the same again
Much of my life I stumbled along
Ensnared by my sin
Afraid that I had gone way too far
Feeling my soul had died
All of a sudden deep within
I heard an answer to my call
I will never be the same again
I will never be the same again
So surrender your heart
To the maker of the stars
And the mover of the great four winds
And the healer of your soul
You will never be the same again
You will never be the same again

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another Work/Rest Day

I just looked at the clock and can't believe how late it is! But, addicted as I am, here I am checking in to blog again.

Today was a work/rest day. In the morning, Susannah, my daughter-in-law and grandson went to the bank to clean. They have a big box of toys, so we moved them into the break room (which has no cameras) where the tot could play. 

We got it all cleaned in record time of 3 hours 51 minutes, (combined time). 
After that we went to Subway and ordered subway sandwiches. They were really good, with lots of veggies and chicken.

Then, we dropped off my daughter-in-law and grandson. Susannah and I cleaned the insurance office in an hour together. Then we cleaned part of the doctors' offices (the exam rooms, break room and hallway). I will still have to go in on Monday, but not until 8:00 to clean the other offices.

After that, we went home.  By 7:00 my daughter-in-law and Susannah and the grandbaby went to our friends' restaurant. My son and his wife got a janitorial job cleaning their restaurant 2 hours every evening. He also has a census job starting Monday. Susannah babysits in one of the extra rooms while they work.  

Tomorrow I will be going to church in the a.m. (my niece might come) and in the p.m. I was invited to go to a spaghetti feed at the Salvation Army church by my new young novelist friend. I invited the elderly lady I work with and am going to pick her up.  It should be fun. The money they make on the spaghetti feed is being donated to an orphanage in Uganda I think.  It should be fun.

It is very cold here now, but our house stays warm. The rest of my family is enjoying the Mexican sunshine!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What is it?

I admit I did change the colors from the original photo. I liked the original, but I thought it already looked abstract, so I worked with it a bit more on photobucket.


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