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Saturday, February 06, 2010

I caught the cleaning bug...

This morning I went to Hamleys'coffee shop with Greg before my house cleaning job. After that I went to pick Lynn up so, as we were going to drive together to clean her mom's house. Fog made driving a little dangerous, so I went slow. Lynn's mom's house looked much better when we were done. We ended up only working 2 1/2 hours, as her mom needed a nap. It looks like I will be cleaning there again in a couple of weeks. Any work I get right now is a blessing. Hopefully we'll pick up some more janitorial accounts this month also.

I must have caught the cleaning bug, as I cleaned our house for a couple of hours after I got home. Then I took a hot bath to wash all the dust mites off me. Just joking - but maybe not.

Susannah and I played Rummikub for about an hour or so. She said, I thought you were going to do blogit? I said that I wanted to play Rummikub with her more. It was fun and she won! (I came in second) That game makes you think!

My oldest son and daughter-in-law found a used piano in a nearby town. My husband took his pickup and helped them go get it. Now she can fill their home with beautiful music.

Tomorrow while many are watching the Super Bowl, we are taking a drive to the mountains so the kids can play in the snow. We'll have a campfire and roast hot dogs and make smores and just relaxing. I might make "hobo stew", an easy meal that is cooked in the coals.Maybe I'll have time to finish the book I started 3 weeks ago, while sitting around the campfire.

When we get back, Greg does plan to watch part of the Super Bowl with a friend.

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