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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Out of town friends visiting

I only have a minute to write. I just got off work. I cleaned 2 businesses. One is an internet/computer place with 3 rooms. The other is the doctors' offices. My days were cut back from 4 to 1 at the docs'. I wondered how dirty it would be now that I will only be going in once a week. Everything was pretty clean, except the floors. They were not noticeably dirtier, but they took longer to clean and I had to change the mop water half way through.

The internet business is in the same building on the 3rd floor. It took me longer there too, as their nice wooden mats to protect the wooden floors were quite dirty. One of the employees asked if I could get them clean. I told him I would try some special furniture polish. It ended up working well and they look a lot better.

Some very good friends are in town this weekend. Some of their children are in a basketball tournament here. I just talked to Angie, and she said they lost their first game. :( Our girls are staying overnight with their family, who are all staying at the church.

We met this family over 10 years ago on our very first trip to Mexico. We were at a Christian retreat center, helping out, when they showed up. They knew the directors of the camp well and just came to visit for a while. At that time they had several of their own children and had recently adopted children from Liberia. Now they have 10 children, 4 from Liberia.

Well, I'd better go, as I am going to try to see my friend before she goes to bed.

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