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Friday, March 05, 2010

Tim fell in the sewer!

Last night I went to the back door of our church and walked up the stairs. Our 4 children, ages 10 - 17 were playing wild games and having fun. My friend and her husband were on the couch looking really tired.

Because their son's team had lost his basketball game, they were now in the "losers circle". That means that if they do not win their game toady, they are out and my friends will be packing up and going home. I am hoping they win!

Angie and I were reminiscing about how our families' met in Mexico. I remember when they arrived, I was in the back of the house washing cloth diapers in a bucket, using a plunger to agitate them. Later we got a washer, but for a few weeks I did all of our laundry by hand.

I couldn't remember all the details, so I asked Angie a lot of questions. She had 7 children at that time, 2 were adopted from Liberia. They sang us a song, "Lord I lift your name on high." I still like the Spanish version better, because I learned it first in Spanish!

Their 21 year old son walked in the room at the church, so I had a few questions to ask him. I will call their son "Tim". Here's a story that happened to him at "Campo Cristiano" in Mexico at the time our families both stayed there:

"Tim" and my son, "Bob", ages 9 and 7 were playing outside. They noticed a little dip in the earth and so they investigated. When they walked on it, it moved a little. So, after running on the dip over and over, they started putting big rocks over it. After that, when Tim ran on it the earth shook, and he thought that was really cool.

He jumped on it, then it gave way and he fell in .... a sewer! He pulled himself up on the beam, but fell back down, so Bob pulled him out. He could have drowned, as it was over his head! After that they both needed showers!

I had heard this story before, but not the details. Since Bob is visiting, I'm going to ask him his "take" on the story tonight. I hope our friends stay so Tim and Bob can see each other and reminisce...

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