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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Sinaloa at the "deaf" school

Petra, Susannah, Clemy and I arrived at Petra's friends house Sunday afternoon. When we pulled in, the oil was draining out the bottom of the car! I hadn't noticed anything unusual earlier. I know we went over a couple of bumps, so figured that was the problem.

Petra's friend know a mechanic. He came over (he spoke English) and took the oil-pan off, took in home, welded it. The next day the Previa had new oil and seems to be fine. In all it only cost $800 pesos, which is under $80. I am thankful, as the motor could have been ruined.

We spent the afternoon and evening visiting with Petra's friends. I rested while they all went out. In the evening we got a ride to the "deaf school" with our stuff.

Monday I had a headache all day, and so rested a lot. Today I felt fine, so did our laundry and helped with theirs. Susannah did her on-line school and Clemy did Math, a typing class, wrote in her journal, did e-mails and helped teach the little kids. Laurel A. who is also with us helped teach Petra's class.

I helped mix up a machaca-oat-bread-egg mix for supper. It's going to be hamburger-type patties.
I asked Michelle B. where the machaca came from? Sinaloa or Sonora?

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