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Friday, January 07, 2011

On our way to Mexico

So far our trip has gone very well. We started out with Petra, Susannah, Clemy and I.The first day we had lunch with Greg's dad and aunt in Portland. After that, we drove to Judah and Noels for New years eve. They had a lot of friends over, many I knew. The highlight of the evening was when many of the brave ones jumped in the freezing pool at midnight. Luckily, Judah and Noel have a sauna, so they warmed up quickly after the dip in the pool.

The next day, we drove to Bandon to visit close friends. I enjoyed my time on the beach taking photos,(which I will try to post at a later date when I have more time). After 2 days in Bandon, on our way out, at the last minute we took on a new rider, 16 year old daughter of our friends.

We stayed at a motel in Williams, CA. It was OK, but not great. Clean and nice, but small and no extras. The next night we stayed in a fabulous motel in Palm Springs. I had a coupon, so it actually cost less than the previous motel.

We arrived in Catalina, near Tucson on Wednesday. We have been here 3 days and plan on leaving really early tomorrow morning to reach the village before dark. Then, Sunday we will go to Los Mochis, to the deaf school. The girls and I will stay that week.

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