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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Anniversary!

First, I want to say that we had a wonderful anniversary. We rented a motel in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast for 2 nights. It was really nice, with a pool and hot-tub. One day we rented horses. I had never really ridden on the beach and it was really fun. The horses were nice, and not old plugs. I will try to post some photos later.

The weather was really nice also, with sunny days. That is unusual at the coast, so we were really blessed. Also, Greg's mom stayed with the kids. That helped us feel free to be gone for 3 nights. Levi is home now and so he and his other siblings cleaned the offices on Monday and Tuesday night.

On the way home, we visited Gordon who turned 21 today. We ate Chinese food together. It was good to see him again.

Now we are home and back to the routine.

Today I drove about 30 minutes away to clean 2 houses and an office. Clemy came with me and helped me with 2 jobs. After that she started feeling sick. It seems she is getting the flu or something. Tonight Greg,Levi and Gideon are cleaning the clinic. Greg and Levi both worked at other jobs today, so they are pretty tired.

Tomorrow I will be only cleaning one house and then in the evening I'll help with the offices. The more offices we clean Friday night, the less we have to do on Saturday!

I really want to have a table at the Farmers' Market this summer. I am starting to make crafts again. Clemy and I are both learning to make earrings. I made home-made soap once (and it turned out really good) The next project is candles. If I do this I'll try not to work on Fridays.


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