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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Music for you- Jars of Clay - Overjoyed

It's been a long day. We all cleaned the offices. We split up in 2 teams, which really made it go quicker. Tomorrow is a rest day (sort of). Sort of because we need to get OUR house clean and ready for Petra!
I thought some music might be nice. I really like Jars of Clay. The first few times I heard them I didn't, but their music grew on me. I also watched a net-flix movie tonight on the computer. It was called "The human experience" It was about 2 brothers who traveled and had 3 experiences. The first was that they lived like a homeless person in the winter in New York City for about a month. The second was they went to a place in Peru where to help with kids in a medical facility. The third was Africa and a leper colony. Really good movie, I would recommend it highly.

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