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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hearing God speak to me...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How does God speak to us?

It was a nice restful day. In the morning some of us went to church. The message was very good, about expecting God to speak to you.

God can speak to us in many ways; through a sunset, enjoying life, a word spoken from someone, thoughts in our mind... Usually He speaks when we are not looking for it. Walking around, with our eyes open to the things in the spirit really help us to see God in our lives I think.

I am thinking today of some people still needing prayer. I think of Robert Park and wonder how he is doing these days. Then, there's a homeless man who I haven't seen in church or even around town in months. I'm hoping he found a place to live, maybe with his son. I'm hoping he's doing well.

I really need to focus on Jesus this week, and not just survive. I know it's possible. Resting in my spirit, I will try to live in the spirit and not just let the fast-pace world take me for a ride.


  1. thanks for sharing your faith and hope in our God


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