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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another horse story...

Lady, our horse is doing well. She is a really pretty chestnut color with flaxen mane. Right now she is a little fat. We had the farrier come out yesterday and both horses had their hooves trimmed. I was worried about Lady because hers were so long, but the farrier said they were good and strong. 

Earlier in the day Greg separated Annie (our friends' horse) from ours. Lady got very upset and tried to bolt on me (for the 3rd time since we've had her). This time I was ready and basically just got her to trot in circles around me until I got dizzy. I was a little afraid, but kept her going. I used the end of the rope to keep her rear away from me, as she trotted and bucked a little. A very unhappy horse, but the good part is nothing bad happened and I am overcoming my fears. I am very inexperienced, but am trying to use all I have learned to keep safe and enjoy my horse.

Today I checked on the horses and fed them. I try to spend 15 minutes petting and talking to Lady. I also talk to our dog :). 

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