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Friday, February 03, 2012

The latest trivia ...

Hello friends and family! I am still here, but have been rather busy so haven't been writing. My days consist of dishes, laundry, helping Clemy with math and cooking. Sometimes I shop and run errands or go to the bank. I have been feeding the horses lately and petting Lady. I've ridden her several times bareback. I need to work on training me so responds better. But all in all, she is doing well.

It got cold here again. We go from the 40's- 50's back down to the 30's again. I'm glad we don't have a constant rain all the time though. I do miss the warm weather of Mexico and Arizona a lot.

Early evening I cleaned with Greg for 2 hours. So, had the rest of the evening off. He has been re-waxing the floors at the clinic though.

Greg, Clemy and Gideon haven't been feeling the greatest, but seems they are getting better. Hope I stay well.

Nothing exciting to write about, so bye for now.

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