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Friday, February 10, 2012

Random and scattered things that have been happening.....

It's Friday. I just got done cleaning a nice house. I have a small headache, so I came home to eat and get rid of it before I clean an apartment. Greg and Clemy are cleaning a clinic as I write.

I am really missing the sunshine. It's been foggy and dreary and damp here all week. At least we don't have constant rain all the time.  Summer... come quickly.

So, tonight (possibly) and tomorrow we will be cleaning many hours. The more we clean tonight, the earlier we get off tomorrow.

I really wish I had something interesting to say, but I don't. Maybe something will come to me....

Oh, yes, I am getting a new lap top. I actually have it, but we are working out the little problems that came with it. First was that it had no cord. So, we got one from a respected internet place in town. The 2 cords they tried didn't work, so my son figured it was a lemon. He didn't say that, but I'm sure that's what he was thinking. Then, I ordered the exact cord. When it came, the laptop fired up. Because it didn't come with an operating system, Gideon tried to put Windows Vista on it. But, then he thought the hard-drive was bad because it didn't work.

Finally, after calling the company where I bought the laptop, Gideon took it apart and found a broken connection. The company is really working with us and they helped us order the part and took it off the Visa charge.  After we get this part, I will find out it I bought a lemon or not. If so, the company will refund 100% of the $$$$! Then I will try to buy a laptop from the respected internet business I mentioned earlier. They have one for sale, but I can't buy it unless this deal goes down. I am committed to it unless I get a refund. I didn't hear about the other laptop for sale until after I'd bought this one.

I learned how to make Kefir this week. It is really easy and good and it's supposed to be good for you too. It's easier than yogurt, as you don't have to heat the milk.

I am still reading horse training material. Mostly books by people who practice natural horsemanship. The last book was by Monty Roberts. Very good, interesting and informative. It could have been a novel if he'd have written it different. But, being all true, that makes it even better.

I wish I had more time to write, but mostly I write a paragraph or 2 in my journal book about what I did that day. It helps me to remember what I did and keeps track of my work hours...

Hope to hear from some of those who read this blog. I'm especially curious about the ones who I don't know personally. What would cause someone to want to read a blog about someone they don't know?

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