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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Upcoming Mexico trip, and family visiting....

It's been a long time since I've written on this blog. A lot has happened. We had some unfortunate events happen a couple of weeks ago, which I do not feel the liberty to blog about. Those who are close friends already know some of these things. My question was... Why? Anyway, now all is well and they are in the past.

March weather here was typical... Sunny, rainy, cold, windy, snow, cloudy and dreary, windy, rainy, sunny....

My trip to Mexico with Clemy is coming soon. Only 2 weeks away and I don't feel ready. We are flying, which is easier in some ways, but more complicated in other ways. I am trying to fit my clothes and some gluten-free food in my suitcase and backpack. Something will have to go! I am not even taking my laptop. Tomorrow I will re-pack and do a shake-down.

I completed the 10 day lemonade cleanse. It went pretty well. At the beginning, I had a lot of energy and felt great. The last few days I was really tired of drinking that "lemonade", so I didn't drink enough and felt hungry. Then, the first day of my breaking the cleanse I did OK. The next day I ate too much and some things I shouldn't have. I will need to be careful to stay away from things I shouldn't have because everything tastes so good now!

Titus, Ruth, kids and Gordon came to visit today. We've had a nice visit, but it will end too soon. I played a really fun game of scrabble with Gordon. I will not say who won. (Judah, don't you tell!) I only had 1 letter left and Gordon used all his letters. I actually picked a lot of vowels. G had the q, and I had the u's, but G found a q word without a u in it!

Work went well this weekend. It really helps when we do some of the jobs on Friday night. We only had 4 on Saturday, then went out for Chinese food. Today, after family leaves, Greg has 2 jobs to do and I have 1 easy one.

By the way, the new grandbaby is darling (3 months old) and D is really doing well. He is not even 4 and is learning to write words.


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