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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last year at the Deaf School

(I am posting this on 4-26-12, because I "am at the deaf school now." This was written last year though. The last sentence is still true :)   (But only Clemy & are here this time)

We have been at the "deaf" school for 5 days now. In about an hour, we'll leave for the village, so I won't have access to internet.

I have been resting, helping with laundry and helping with the girls' school work mostly. Laurel A., Susannah and Clemy help a lot with the baking and serving meals.

They run this place like military, but they need to or it would be chaos. There are about 30 kids and others for the meals. I can't remember how many stay every night, but a lot do.

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