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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's happening in Mexico?

Hello.... I am writing from Mexico. We have been here (Clemy and I) for 1 week now. I have been getting a rest from working, but at the same time I know that Greg & Gideon are working twice as hard for us so we could come here.

I have been working a little around here. First off, there are a ton of kids here at the school everyday. I have helped Petra with her class a few times. Today I learned the signs for: azul, amarillo, verde, morado & rojo, so I could teach them to Danilo. He put little colored plastic bears on colored plastic cards while we did the sign.

I also did a load of our laundry and hung them out in the HOT sun to dry. I put sunscreen on in the morning so I don't burn.

Last night we had corn on the cob for supper. Afterwards I cut corn off the cob for over an hour. We'll probably have it for supper tonight.

Today there was a gigantic aguana on the roof. The only thing we could see was his giant head. He was sunning himself and looking quite happy about it.

Yesterday Petra and I took 9 kids, ranging in age from 8 to 13 to the baseball field so they could use some of their energy. We walked around the field twice, then sat on the bleachers and talked. On the way back to the school we stopped by some kids' mom's and visited. I met his grandmother who was watering plants. They gave us a ton of guavas and some oranges off their trees.

Let's see.... This last weekend we visited with Petra's friend, Jessica. Basically it was to rest. Petra was sick, so spent most of the time sleeping or resting. I did a tiny bit of cleaning and dishes while we were there.

As you can tell by now, if you're still reading this, is that I am not telling this in order. I usually do, but today I will break out of my OCD inclinations. I guess it's in order still, but only backwards.

I have been text chatting with Greg a few times. One time we did video chat. I could see him, but he couldn't see me and we could only text. Another time we did a voice chat. I didn't even know my laptop had a microphone.

I know this is getting boring.... so I will go. We are all fine, the food is good and I miss everyone.  

PS.... I promise all of you that I WILL improve my writing and try to get out of the "reporting" mode. I made my first newspaper when I was 12, I think.

Here's a great article I found if you are interested in journaling. I'm going to read it and I promise I will try to improve my writing!!!

8 Benefits of writing in a journal

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