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Monday, June 11, 2012

Camping Trip

Our camping trip went pretty well. Saturday afternoon we drove up Pearson Creek to a rock pit, which is now a little pond. I think it's called Gold Fish pond. Anyway it was windy and cold. After we got camp set up, Greg, me, the girls and a friend of Greg's and his daughter (Clemy's friend) sat around a roaring fire trying to keep warm and moving alot, as the smoke kept blowing in our eyes. Eventually we all went to bed. It was pretty cold that first night and I didn't sleep really well.

The next day, Sunday, the wind had died down quite a bit. We had oatmeal for breakfast. The kids and Rod had those little packets of oatmeal. Greg and I ate raw oats with nuts and milk on it.

Then we drove up to 2 little ponds. It was really beautiful with the forest in the background, blue sunny skies and only a little wind. I caught 3 fish, Greg caught a couple and Clemy caught at least 2. Greg spent most of his time putting bait on our hooks, so he didn't really fish that much.

Later in the day many people from our church came. There was a BBQ with hot dogs and hamburgers and other food many people brought. The rest of the afternoon people fished and visited. Eventually I took a nap in the tent.

That night we all ate fish cooked in foil on the coals in the fire. It was really good!

It was a lot warmer that night, with no wind.

On Monday, the weather was really warm and nice. I spent most of the morning breaking down camp and packing our Toyota Previa. It's amazing how much stuff that mini-van can hold!

Greg got up early and caught about 10 fish! One was a goldfish, which we brought back in a bucket and put in our friend Randy's pond.

On the way back down the hill we stopped and found some rocks and walked across the creek.

When we got back we stopped at Randy's and Dominic helped us put the goldfish in their pond. After that I went by to see the horses. When my horse was drinking out of the trough I got on her bareback, with no bridle and rode her a little. I couldn't really control her, so I just let her walk around where she wanted to.

After we got back to the house I unpacked the van with Susannah's help. It took a long time!

Greg just left for work about an hour ago and I'm ready to take a shower and rest. 

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