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Saturday, July 28, 2012

(Don't) Let 'r Buck!

I Just got back from riding my horse, Lady. I have been working with her a little each day, but not riding much.

First, I rode around the corral a little, then decided to ride her in the big pasture where "Annie" her horsie friend was. The first time around went OK. The second time around Annie decided she wanted to race. Annie is between 25 - 35 years old, so I didn't think she would get going very fast, so I let my horse go faster. As she started in a gallop, she decided a little bucking would be fun (for her). I did have on a bike helmet, but only a riding pad.  I got my balance and squeezed my legs as tight as I could around her fat horse belly. They started to get shaky right away, but I thought, "I cannot fall off". So I hung on and slowed Lady down.

Whew.... she walked the rest of the way back to the corral. I told her she was still a good horse, but she needs to quit that bucking or I could get hurt!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Switchfoot - This is Your Life

What's been happening in my life?

Writing has been put on the back burner lately. I keep hoping I will have more time, but it's really a matter of priority. I only have a few minutes to write now. Today is Saturday and Greg and I are doing all the cleaning jobs by ourselves. We took a lunch break and will go back and finish most of the jobs by tonight.

Last week the girls and I traveled to the coast for one of my nieces wedding. It was really beautiful and I'm so glad we were able to go. I did go for a walk on the beach with my sister Caroline and neice Amber & her girl. It was relaxing and refreshing. This was one of the best family times together, even though it was short and not all the relatives were there.

We also enjoyed time with Titus, Ruth, Demetrius and Gabriel. I was so tired on Sunday I took a very long nap and missed out on time with Judah and Noel :( and other time with the girls, T & R.

The girls are visiting our dear friends in Bandon. They are having a wonderful time and I am missing them very much. I also miss the 3 in Alaska. I miss everyone, but that's life.

We are having a pretty good day working, not getting too excited about it. We stopped by and separated the horses and I washed my horse down. Of course she would roll in the dirt afterwards, but at least it cooled her down! After that we came home, I took a shower and made lunch.


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