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Friday, June 14, 2013

Time in Mexico

I left Oregon about 2 weeks ago. Our good friends from Catalina met me at the small airport. I spent 3 days resting and visiting them. I'm really glad to have had that time with them, since I only make it to Arizona once a year.

The bus ride was very interesting. A 17 year old young man sat by me. At first we didn't talk, but by the end of the ride he knew my story and I his. We had a lot of interesting conversation about various subjects. After he got off the bus I slept most of the way (as well as one can sleep on a bus). Sometimes I would wake up, realizing we were driving quite fast, or get very close to the bus in front of us. Because I was so tired nothing phased me and I slept OK.

My time at "Colegio Cristiano" , the school where Petra volunteers has been good. During the day I help out with lunch preparation and sometimes other small things needing done. Today I have been taking a lot of photo's with Petra's camera, which was fun.

There are a few extra teachers and helpers right now from the State's. That makes the load lighter for everyone. This year they've had a lot of extra help, many which have left and a few new ones recently.

We've been to the village in Sonora once and plan to go back this weekend. The girls' friend, Fernanda, is having her Cincinera on Saturday, which will be fun for us. It's nice going back to the house we lived in for 7-8 years, but kind-of sad, because it feels lonely there. Most of the "children" are grown and only 2 left at home now. They've also been gone, in Mexico 3 months, so I've missed them a lot and glad I was able to come down here for a month.

It's probably almost time to help in the kitchen, so I will close now. We might even go to Starbucks' before we go to the village this weekend!


                                                                                      Susannah in the kitchen
Christy teaching a class          
                                                                     The triplets of veinte uno

                                                                                         Carmen's tienda
                                                                      Carmen and me

                                                                        Petra's class

                                         music class           


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