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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A country drive and the GPS

The first time I used my new GPS was when I drove to the "Valley" to see my son and daughter-in-law in January. I also would be taking my oldest daughter to the airport. I had no problems with the GPS. It really helped me, as I am quite "directionally challenged." It is possible that it lead me around a different way, sometimes, but I felt secure knowing I wouldn't get lost any more. My daughter, who had had her doubts about my purchase, even commented, "You should have had one of these years ago."

Yesterday I got up after Greg left for work. He left me a note of "things to do". Among them was, "Can you please bring us lunch, I would like re-fried beans and chips or chicken tacos." I did start the beans, but they did not get done in time, so ended up buying him and Levi a subway sandwich.

He called me around 8 to see if I had gotten up yet. I asked him where he was working and how to get there. He said, "You can just put the address in the GPS and find it."

When I was finally able to leave, I drove out of town and followed the instructions that the GPS gave me. I took a left several miles out of town. Then I took another left, just like the GPS said. Then the voice said, "In 200 yards you will reach your destination" ... then "You have reached your destination" The problem was that there was no house there. I drove about 4 miles ahead and finally turned around. Because I couldn't find where they were working I came home.

Gideon knew where they were working, and took me out there. The GPS had tried to take me a long way around on the road and was way off. It actually was only a few miles out of town. Greg and Levi got their lunch at 4 pm. I'm was glad he had taken a lot of snacks with him.

I still plan on using my GPS on out of town trips, but for the country drives , I probably should get directions from someone who has been there.

Question: What is your experience with a GPS? Do you own one or do you trust your sense of direction?

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