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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Have you written out any goals for 2012 yet?

It's getting late, but want to try to write something everyday if I can.
We had a pretty nice day for January. It was sunny and not too cold. I was inside most of the day though until Levi and I went to feed the horses (mine and the Cook's). They were happy to see us and happy for the hay.

Levi and Susannah cleaned the clinic with me tonight. It took us a little longer as they were busy and we couldn't do everything until everyone left. Usually we can clean alone there, but one day a week we clean the Doctors' offices and the offices that hold private files. It's a really good job and glad we have it. Greg was busy all day, but now he's cleaning the other clinic, which is smaller and can be done in less time.

We all have been enjoying Petra being home and Levi (for a few days). Tomorrow I plan on having special time with Petra and hopefully I will with Levi before he returns to where he lives now at the coast.

No exercise today, but I did eat too many cookies again. Tomorrow I need to work on some menus for the family and myself. I haven't even had time (made time?) to sit down and write 2012 goals, but want to soon. I always like writing several pages of what I want to do and things I want to see happen in the new year. If I was organized, I would go back each year and read them again. Tomorrow I will try to do that. 

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