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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Horse and other trivia...

Today I finally got out to work with my horse Lady. I thought about changing her name, but if I named her Chile, most people would pronounce it like the american word, chili that you eat and I don't like that. So, for now her name is still Lady.

It went OK, but could have gone better. I rode her bareback (with a helmet) in the pasture, but she doesn't want to go away from the other horse, Annie. I also led Clemy around and then worked her on the ground. I need to watch some more videos I think. :)

My muscles have been achy lately. Not the flu-type, but from use. I am now only cleaning houses every other week and have a big day tomorrow. Friday I have 2 easy ones.

I am getting a refurbished laptop to replace the one that died. Judah gave me that one and it was good for 2 years. I should have backed everything up! Most of my photos were backed up, but not all. The computer place can't get the data off it either. Oh well. This year the mini- DVD player went out, GPS (recently) and my Straight talk phone and the laptop. Everything goes eventually I guess. Anyway the one I got off E bay doesn't have an operating system yet. Gideon thinks I should put Linux on it. I'm not sure yet. Linux would be cheaper, but it can't play net-flix and maybe other things...?

Well, I better rest up and finish supper cause Greg and I are working tonight.

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