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Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years eve and riding my horse...

Christmas is over and the new year has come.  I am so glad we were able to go see most of the family for Christmas. Petra, Clemy, stayed a little longer and Levi brought them over on Friday, Dec. 30th. Saturday they broke up into 2 teams and the cleaning jobs got done fast. I must admit I slept in really late so only helped with 2 jobs.

 New Years eve we went to some friends. They had a giant roaring campfire going, games and lots of food. Greg and I left before midnight. He was asleep by 11:30 and I stayed up till 12:30. Ginger and I listened to the fireworks from inside the house. The 5 kids at home got home pretty late from our friends' home.

Today we went to church in the morning. Later on Gideon, Susannah, Clemy and Petra went long-boarding on a road not well traveled with Ginger and had fun. Levi came out to the Cook's Rancho and helped me with the horse, who I will call Lady for now. I may change her name later. I wanted to call her chocolate', but some of the kids weren't happy about that because of the baby goat chocolate' who died. I would name her Ginger, (her color and personality) but we have a dog named Ginger. Petra mentioned Chile, which fits her color and personality too, but I'm not sure about it. Maybe Cinnamon?  Maybe she will be a Lady someday and that name will fit her.

It went well working with Lady. I am watching Parelli natural horsemanship DVD's and have been trying out some of their methods. Basically I am trying to get over being afraid of working with her as she has bolted on me twice. Today was a success and I feel much more confident. The only thing I did with her today was ground work, and sitting on her bareback. I had her go in circles while bareback, but that's all as I didn't want any surprises. I feel she is starting to like me and that is important. I don't think I even thought about my horse liking me when I was a teenager. I just rode my horse and that's all.

P,L,G, S and Clemy are watching Princess Bride now. I guess I might go join them.
Please leave a comment if this doesn't bore you to death. I am going through withdrawals from blog-it. :)


  1. I like the name Cinnamon, but Chile is cute too :) Sounds like you're all having fun, we miss you all already!

  2. I love the name Lady. And I love horses but haven't been able to ride for years. Good to read your thoughts, Marianne! I hope all had a great Christmas (enjoyed seeing some of your family's Christmas pics on Facebook. It looked like Andrew Philips was in one of them?). God bless!


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